Monday, March 1, 2010

Where I Shop

Grocery Stores
The bulk of my grocery shopping is at Stop & Shop, they are the closest to me and seem to run decent sales. I will occasionally stop by ShopRite if they have a deal that appeals to me but not regularly. I also occasionally shop at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. Trader Joe's is good for certain things and Whole Foods is good for specific ingredients I can't get at my regular store. I also shop at Costco about once a month, again for specific items, which I'll list soon. Stop & Shop is by far the most convenient and closest and money and time wasted on driving definitely factors into my decisions.

Drug Stores
I'm just getting into the drug store game and I'm by no means an expert. I usually stick to mostly CVS and then occasionally Walgreens and Rite Aid even less. I don't use these stores just to make money, or just to pick up the freebies, I only buy items that I need and use.

And I'll drop into Target for a deal or to pick up miscellaneous household items.

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