Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekly shopping & meal planning



4 boxes of cereal $2.50 each (-$2 coupon - $5 earned ECB) - $.75/box
2 gallons of milk $3.49 each - $6.98

Bakery Outlet

I wanted to try out this bakery outlet I found in my area. Bread is 50% off retail prices.
1 loaf whole wheat bread
1 loaf white bread
1 load cinnamon raisin bread
$5.65 total

Stop & Shop
Another week without using any coupons and just shopping the store flyer.
organic lettuce mix - $3.99*
5 lb bag potatoes - $2
1/2 lb deli turkey - $5.24*
dozen eggs - $2.49*
3 cartons ice cream $1.99 each - $5.97
8 yogurt cups $.40 each - $3.20

*items I paid full price for

I had another secret shop here, so part of my purchase will be reimbursed and I'll be paid a fee.
whole pineapple - $1.49
1 avocado - $.79
6 bananas - $.93
large bunch broccoli - $1.49
boxed raisins - $1.29
apple juice - $1.19
oyster crackers - $.99
hot dog buns - $.85
garlic bread - $1.69
whipping cream - $.79
frozen corn - $.95
mini marshmallows - $.89
6-pk Hershey bars - $3.09 (for DH's work desk)
sour gummy worms - $.1.29 (for DH's work desk)

Meal Plan
I wanted to take advantage of a great deal on Edy's/Dreyer's ice cream this week, so I decided to use several items out of my freezer in order to free up some space. I'd love to have an extra freezer so I can do some more stocking up. Eventually I'll pick one up.

Meal #1
Chicken, broccoli & rice casserole
Almost everything for this meal was from my stockpile: grilled chicken, cooked rice, cream of chicken soup, a little mayo, & cheddar cheese. The only thing purchased this week was 1/2 of the broccoli.

Meal #2
Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo
I used chicken, butter parmesan and ricotta cheese and a box of pasta from my stockpile. Plus my purchased cream.
green salad
prepared garlic bread
(I actually made a double-batch of this to take 1/2 to a mom with a brand new baby.)

Meal #3
Spaghetti w/Italian sausage
homemade red sauce & Italian sausage from my freezer, pasta from the stockpile
green salad

Meal #4
Chicken Quesadillas w/avocado slices
I cook up some frozen corn, w/pre-cooked chicken (leftovers) & spices and add to my tortillas and cheese. Topped with avocado slices.

Meal #5
Chinese food at my husband's work happy hour.

Stockpile additions
Most of the cereal is for the stockpile. Most of what we bought will last longer than a week too, the bread, eggs, juice, etc will last at least two weeks.

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