Thursday, March 11, 2010

Weekly shopping & meal planning


Stop & Shop

Porterhouse steak ($4.99/lb) - $15.12
2 boxes whole wheat pasta ($1 ea) - $2
2 boxes chicken stock ($3.16 ea) - $6.32
2 can sliced peaches ($1.25 ea) - $2.50
1 can pears - $1.25
goldfish crackers - $1.47
4 Pepsi 2 liters ($.75 ea) - $3.00
doritos - $3.99
2/3 lb deli turkey - $6.19*
2 gallons milk ($3.59 ea) - $7.18
2 - 1/2 gallons OJ ($2.50 ea) - $5
pepperoni - $1
oranges ($.99/lb) - $2.33
$.05 reusable bag discount x 4 bags = $.20 off

*items I payed regular, full price for

I didn't have time to plan out my purchases as much as usual this week, so I just shopped the circular sales and didn't use ANY coupons!

6 pack instant noodle cups - $1.79
organic frozen pizza - $4.29
canned corn - $.55
brown sugar - $1.29
whole pineapple - $1.99
unsalted butter - $1.89
flour tortillas - $.99
shredded cheddar cheese - $2.29
shredded mozzarella cheese - $2.99
tomato paste - $.39
hoagie rolls - $1.69
frozen blueberries - $2.69
frozen raspberries - $2.69
ice cream sandwiches - $2.19
dried pinto beans - $1.29
jarred jalapenos - $1.59
broccoli crowns - $1.49
paper plates $1.19

I was trying out Aldi for the first time this week. Aldi carries mostly store brands, is no-frills, but has low prices. I picked up a few things to try out to see if we liked them and if we want to keep Aldi in our rotation. I was also doing a mystery shop so part of my purchase will be reimbursed.

Meal Plan

Meal #1
chicken quesadillas
This was entirely from items purchased in previous weeks' shopping trips.
tortillas, frozen corn, pre-cooked chicken, sharp cheddar, spices

Meal #2
Steak & roasted veggies
Cooked one of the 2 extra large porterhouse steaks purchased this week.
Roasted 1 bell pepper purchased last week, onion from pantry, 1/2 of broccoli purchased this week.

Meals #3 & 4
ordered pizza & pizza leftovers w/1 can of peaches & pineapple purchased this week
I didn't feel well one day this week so DH came home early to watch the kiddo & picked up dinner for us.

Meal #5
homemade pizza
purchased pepperoni, cheese, & tomato paste
add leftover roasted veggies from meal #2

dried cranberries
banana pancakes
Berry Stratta
--used agave nectar instead of honey, used 1/2 blueberries & 1/2 raspberries
ricotta purchased last week, agave, bread & eggs from pantry, everything else purchased this week
Banana Bread or muffins

--I have bananas I need to use up before they get too ripe. This recipe has a lot of bananas in it and it's really tasty. I add a little vanilla extract. It works equally well as a loaf, regular muffins or mini-muffins (cooked for less time obviously).

turkey sandwiches, oranges, Oreos (DH)
peanut butter & jelly sandwiches

For the Stockpile
1 giant porterhouse steak
chicken stock (wasn't for a specific recipe this week but I didn't have any in my pantry)
brown sugar (we were out)
paper plates (just running low)
pinto beans (I like to cook a large batch in the crockpot & freeze)
flour tortillas
frozen pizza (backup meal)
Pepsi (at least 2 extras)
whole wheat pasta
canned fruit

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