Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekly shopping & meal planning


Stop & Shop
2 cucumbers - $.99
5 bananas - $.76
1 red bell pepper - $.55
1 gallon milk - $3.79*
3/4 lb deli turkey ($7.99/lb) - $5.83
2 cans baked beans ($1.67 each) - $3.34*
crushed red pepper flakes - $2.69*
4 boxes of cereal ($2 each) - $8 #
3 boxed caked mixes ($1 each) - $3 #
1 container frosting - $1.67 #

*I paid full-price for these items
#I received a $10 Catalina coupon towards my next purchase for purchasing these items. So I paid $12.67 for these items but got $10 back.

Meal Planning

Meal #1
Sweet & Sour Chicken
fresh pineapple leftover from last week, rice & chicken from the freezer & purchased red bell pepper

Meal #2
hot dogs, baked beans, cucumber slices & pineapple
hot dogs from the freezer, pineapple and hot dog buns purchased last week, purchased cucumber
We may have this twice this week since 1 package of hot dogs and buns lasts us two meals (or they will be frozen).

Meal #3
grilled steak, roasted potatoes & broccoli
everything from the stockpile!

Meal #4
Beef fajitas
I need to go back to the store to pick up a few things & the meat for this is on sale this week. I'm hoping to get a few more things on sale too.

Meal #5
Monte Cristo sandwiches
I have bread & eggs from last week but I'll need to pick up the ham & cheese when I go back to the store (we likely won't add turkey).
green salad

Lots more cereal to add plus cake mixes.

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